Your Digital Reputation

Is On The line

At Neon Pineapple, insuring that every page loads fast¬†and reliably, every time… That’s what we do.

At Neon Pineapple, we are passionate about creating engaging digital experiences for our customers and insure that they are available reliably, day and night.


Proactive Monitoring

Your website is verified to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we can fix problems before they impact your visitors.

Our monitoring also records the response time of your website to insure that things never slow down.



Continuous Backups

Every file, folder, and database on your hosting profile is backed up daily.

So when the unexpected happens, we’re here to make those mistakenly deleted files reappear like magic.


Advanced Support

Our support goes beyond supporting our own infrastructure.

With fully managed web hosting, we take responsibility for applications like WordPress and isnure that your site keeps working no matter what.

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